Monday, December 05, 2005

Look what I made!

First, this is what happens when you read Doomsday Book and buy a spinning kit:

My very own yarn. Spinning is fun. Oddly soothing. I've bought a bag of white wool roving (what yarn is before it's yarn) from a farm online and I'm going to try dyeing it with Easter egg dye--also practicing spinning lots more to try to get an even yarn. And then the next step in learning to spin: plying.

And then there's this:

TST (Trees, Santa, Trees). It's finally finished, after a year and a half and a recipient switch, just in time for Christmas. It's meant to be a lap quilt, not a bed quilt (I'm putting this picture up because the full-front one turned out blurry). The binding was torture, though I learned that you can't make a binding bigger than the seam allowance, at least not the way everyone says to do it (folding to mitre the corners). But it's finished and I'm happy. Posted by Picasa


JLB said...

Hi Jenny! I know I haven't had a chance to email ya, but I wanted to say howdy, and that I'm so glad I finally figured out what TST is! And by the way, it looks FAN-TST-ASTIC! In case I don't get a chance to later, I want to wish you and Eric both a wonderful holiday!

much love,

Jenny said...

Hiya. Thanks! Happy holidays to you and Peter as well. :)

Beth said...


Jennifer said...

It looks wonderful! I'm so impressed. Maybe one day I'll do a more complicated quilt like that one... maybe. :)