Monday, January 09, 2006

My mountain.

This is Mt. Rainier as we saw it December 27, 2005, on a gray day in a gray truck. It was so very still up at Paradise, with the snow muffling everything--except when we went inside and heard on the radio that some lady was pulling her kids on a sled behind her car.

I'm applying to bookstores. And real jobs too, of course. Eric and I are holding a weekly writing session on Saturdays, which should help both of us. I call Asia today and work on my sock made from the yarn Edith gave me. I should be finishing other things--Eric's DNA scarf and the Jayne hat and Mariah and Marie's quilt--but I love these socks.

I don't seem to have much to say lately, only that I'm trying to do things. Which is enough, I suppose, at least for me. And for you, there's my mountain. Posted by Picasa


Jennifer said...

Lovely mountain!

Socks are on my list, too, for this year. In truth, I think socks might be easier than gloves.

JLB said...

Ahh... makes me yearn for home! I'm in PA now, whoo-hoo! We made it! It was a long, crazy, wonderful journey, and well worth it. Eventually things will settle down (and I'll make my way out of cardboard-box-city), and I'll be sure to write and tell you all about it! Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)