Thursday, June 22, 2006

Preview of what I would write if I weren't too busy and cranky and hot.

Annoying day. Reasons: (1) People who use their answering machines to screen callers, then pick up the phone at the tail end of the message, forcing me to repeat myself and change all my notation for the call. (1a) People who throw my printout away because I wasn't there the very instant it printed but instead arrived two minutes later. (2) Fiance is doing all the painting and I think the color I picked for the sewing room is too yellow and not enough orange. (3) Tornado sirens forcing me to hang up in the middle of a call to huddle in the downstairs hallway for an hour.

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JLB said...

Hi Jenny... sorry that you've been cranky and hot... I totally empathize. What does a tornado siren sound like? Like a nuclear reactor meltdown alarm? I've never heard either before I guess... how did you learn what to listen for? I've always thought it would be awesome to see a tornado (although, probably not too cool to be in the path of one).

Apart from that randomness (not really pressing questions), I wanted to share this with you:

The Picolata Review

It's a new literary publication whose first issue went online yesterday. There's some really beautiful stuff in there, and I've even submitted some of my work (wish me luck).

I learned about it from a woman in my writer's group (she's one of the editors), and I was really impressed with their first issue.

I hope all is well with you both!