Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I made apple cider jelly last night. Or rather, I tried to make the jelly Saturday, along with apple butter. The apple butter came out perfectly, as it usually does, but this was my first attempt at jelly and it didn't jell. So I let it sit on the counter--it was in sealed canning jars, so I wasn't worried--until last night, when I boiled it again and recanned it, and now it's congealed and lovely.

I've never been particularly tempted by jelly- or jam-making before. What inspired this was actually our Ben & Jerry's cookbook; there's a recipe in there that calls for apple cider jelly, and mentions it's difficult to get ahold of; and though I'm not interested in making that ice cream, the idea of apple cider jelly intrigued me. I like apple jelly, and I know two good cookie recipes that call for it (or at least can use it with yummy results). I hope I'll like this as well. I got six half-pint jars out of it, 50% more than the recipe said I would get. And now? Now I'm wondering if sour cherry (juice we have from an ice-cream attempt) or pomegranate (it's getting to be that season) jelly would be any good. It may be a good thing I don't have any more jelly jars left.


koalabear100 said...

Sour cherry or pomegranate jelly sound wonderful. For the former, smeared on thick square toast with a little Nutella. They might not jell however; some fruits such as papaya have enzymes that make this difficult.

What about mint jelly? Most of the commercially available stuff is a lurid green. It would be nice with chocolate spread on the aforementioned thick square toast.

It's also fantastic with lamb, not that it helps you any.

Jennifer said...

Yes to both kinds of jellies. You can also combine--mom and dad did pomegranate/peach/berry jelly with the leftovers while jellying this year.

Jenny said...

You people are not helping. Now I have to go buy more jars and pectin.