Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fiber geek.

I'm sitting here making a hat out of the chunky yarn I made from that brown roving I bought a while ago. Incidentally, the Hayden hat didn't work out for the other yarn I made; it needs more robust yarn. I may make wrist warmers or suchlike instead, or I may try a sample square of weaving with it. I do believe I am a fiber geek. Proof: I want to go to the Michigan Fiber Festival. It's the third weekend in August, which works nicely as Eric's friend is having a party the first weekend in August and we're tentatively planning on having our housewarming party the second weekend in August. (I'm hoping to finish the picking-up this weekend and do a serious floor cleaning, as our socks are still getting dirty, and then it's just picture-hanging and curtain-making. I've made three pairs so far, and they're in the washer to see if they'll get softer--they should, as they're linen and cotton. I can easily make three more pairs in three weeks.)

I will see lots of sheep and lots of yarn. I will buy a lace spindle (which reminds me, there's a fundraiser for sending spinning wheels and charkhas--wheel-like cotton-spinning machines--to Africa, which is pretty cool as they do it with spindles currently and do it to earn a living, and I now know that spindles are pretty slow when it comes to making enough yarn to make a fabric to sew your clothes out of). I will look at spinning wheels. I was kind of sort of contemplating maybe buying one then, if I could find one I liked for not too much, but the woman across the street called me today and said the estimate on her Jeep's damage was $620. I really did only scratch it a bit, so I'm thinking this is absurd and due to some auto shop's perfidy, so I'm going to wait for the copy of the estimate she promised me and see if I (or James) can de-BS it and get a more reasonable number. But if I can't, there goes much mad money. I've got a mortgage now, you know.

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