Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Plodding on.

I called around about the repair for the neighbor's car. (It's not a Rover, it's a Grand Cherokee.) One place said you can't repair a plastic bumper, another one said you can. Neighbor will be calling the place that said you can, though she expresses skepticism. I also asked about paying for whatever charges the leasing company hit her for, and she said "Oh, no. That's not an option. They want new. I've leased every car there is, and they see everything." I'm dubious about this, but whatever. I'm anticipating having to fork over a check for two-thirds our mortgage this month. This is decidedly unappealing. But having this hanging over me is even more so. I'll be glad to be finished with it.

We cleaned up everything except the library for company on Sunday, Brenda and Edith and Michelle. We also served them strawberry ice cream. They were pleased, though we still don't have the texture quite right. We're going to have to do more experiments. Lots and lots of experiments. Think of all that poor ice cream we're going to have to go through. We're thinking of having four flavors of homemade ice cream for the wedding. We're uncertain as to whether we'll be making them or if someone else will when the time comes, but we do want to develop the recipes. And sometime I really want to try chai ice cream and Mexican chocolate ice cream, though those will be small batches consumed only by Edith and me, as Eric has declared them anathema.

Last night I tried to turn on my computer and it wouldn't fully load up Windows. So we reset it and started in Safe Mode and Last Known Good Configuration and flashed the BIOS and did a Windows Repair and nothing worked...and then we tried Last Known Good Configuration again and it booted. Apparently it was a virus. I had no antivirus software running because we didn't think to put any on after the last time we reformatted this computer. I have some now, the AVG Free Edition. If you haven't already, check your antivirus software.

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