Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gearing up

My garden is not that big. Maybe twenty by twenty? And part of that is a pathway I plan to lay and an Asian pear tree I plan to pamper as much as is necessary (which shouldn't be much--all I did last summer was pick the fruit and it was happy). I planted four raspberry canes and two blueberry bushes (in pots, as they like acidic soil--I hope I got approximately the right amount of sulfur in there with them) and a row of spinach and lettuce. Completely forgot about the peas, but I'll do that tonight (plus carrots) if it's not raining when I get home. If not, as soon as I can, just like renewing my driver's license, too. Oh, and call the ring place, since they won't accept an order by e-mail, and call to yell at my bank for not getting me online access to my savings account for the second time after I requested it--not that I'm bitter or anything.

Anyway, what was I saying? I was saying my garden isn't big. It will, however, afford me a decent amount of exercise, I can tell already. For one thing, I killed the grass last year and now it needs digging up, plus the whole thing needs digging in with humus and such. (I bought topsoil and a 90/10 mixture of humus/manure at Home Depot yesterday. The humus was cheaper. I also bought an aloe plant for at home and a "Polkadot," a coleus-like plant with red/green, pink/green, and white/green variations planted together, for work. It needs a different pot, though. This one's pink. It's also got a sticker saying "NOT FOR CONSUMPTION" on it, which amuses me no end.) There's actual planting, there's mulching (both the path and the plants themselves--apparently grass clippings are good for that), and then there's weeding. I'm hoping I got rid of a good number of weed seeds by pulling up the black fabric the previous owners had placed over most of the raised bed, but I'm sure plenty are still lying around, waiting for the first warm spring rain. Which is today. Hello, little weed nemeses.


Jennifer said...

Asian pears are great trees. They don't need much in the way of care. Dad's grow just fine with a bit of pruning here or there, and propping up of branches if they get too heavy.

Spring is definitely in the air! I got my seeds, so I am going to be planting my lettuce, spinach, and early broccoli this week or weekend. And I will sow the rest of my seeds.

Jenny said...

Yay planting! I did notice that some of the branches on the Asian pear got pretty loaded down--I'll have to try propping them, thanks.