Saturday, April 14, 2007

Flowers in the snow

It is snowing. Snowing. The yard is thickly covered in white. This is wrong, people. This is very wrong. I cut a tulip from our front bed--or at least what I thought was a tulip, as it was only partly open and was obviously not happy about the cold we've been having. I put it in a stupid bud vase that Eric's stepmom gave me for Christmas and within minutes it bloomed, spreading its petals wide like a Washingtonian spreading her arms to catch the sunshine. It is not a tulip. But it is very pretty. And I love that vase now--it looks much better with a flower in it. We turned the kitchen light off later and came back to find the flower half-closed again. I wonder if I'll get up early enough tomorrow to see it open again? Probably not.

Eric and I went stomping through the (hateful! ridiculous!) snow to his mom's to visit Addie, his new niece who was at grandma's for the night (her mom going out for a night with the girls, and her dad desperately needing a real night's sleep). We talked to her and held her and fed her, and got a few lessons on how to burp a baby from grandma. I also discussed wedding shopping with Michelle. We're going for her dress tomorrow, and she seemed to be feeling a little neglected with all the attention lavished on Addie (though Michelle also wanted her share of holding and feeding), so I sat on the stairs with her and discussed her shoes, her hair, what jewelry she would wear and what shops we should go to tomorrow. Her mom's going with us and wants to go to Kinko's, and I need to get to Joann or Hancock (they're going out of business, which means a sale) to get fabric for the summer quilt, so it's going to be a bit of a trip. We went shopping today, Eric and I, but it was purely for clothes for Eric so it took all of forty minutes to find slacks, a dress shirt, and two pairs of casual pants. Tomorrow will be more of a production.

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