Monday, April 02, 2007

Some chick.

I had to call someone for a work-related purpose today. The woman who answered the phone said, "I'm sorry, he doesn't work here anymore. Who is this?" (I hate when people ask that. If the person I want isn't there we have no further business with each other, so what does it matter?) I said, "This is Jenny from ____, do you have any idea how I might be able to reach him?" She said, "I'm on the other line with him right now. Hold on, please." Then, evidently believing she had switched lines, she said, "Hey, some chick from ____ wants to talk to you."

After I let her know she was still on the line with me, I think she hung up--anyway, we got disconnected. When I called back, she was extremely apologetic and gave me the home number of the person I was trying to contact. When I called him, he, too, apologized. Fortunately I think it's funny, but if I had been someone different they might have had good reason to be sorry.

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