Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The vanilla bean ice cream turned out marvelously. We made a good vanilla last year, and I used the same recipe but with a slightly higher cream:milk ratio and with the vanilla seeds simmered in the milk and cream rather than simply adding extract. The butter pecan was surprisingly good, but a little light on the flavor--if we do this again we'll amend Ben & Jerry's recipe. The lemon bar was a flop--too much lemon extract gave it a candy flavor, and the cookies didn't add all that much. And then I made cherry-vanilla using frozen cherries we had spurned for an earlier batch of ice cream, and I think it's pretty good. If it passes the taste committee (the birthday party tonight) I might try cherry-chocolate.

I also drove on our new driveway for the first time last night. So this is what a real driveway feels like! No bumps, no dips, no gentle steering around obstacles. I almost crashed into the back of the garage because I was waiting for the usual dip that tells me I've gone far enough. Marvelous. Maybe not $6803 marvelous, but marvelous nonetheless. I might even take it over ice cream--some ice cream, for some period of time, at least.


koalabear100 said...

Not $6,803 marvelous, but you've just increased the resale value of your house.

I've always figured lemon ice cream should have a good amount of finely grated and chopped lemon zest and a small amount of lemon extract. A lemon bar ice cream might require a little condensed milk or cream cheese, depending on the lemon bar recipe you're trying to mimic.

Jenny said...

Hmm, that sounds excellent. I'd rather try lemon juice and add a little extra sugar, though.