Sunday, April 05, 2009


My Palm Tungsten T2 is dead. Much sadness abounds. It's not actually dead; I just can't get it to connect to my computer; but for my purposes (writing while on a business trip I'm leaving for tomorrow), that's the same thing. I suppose I should have looked into it before, like maybe when I got my new hard drive...but oh well. I've been coveting one of those hardcover-sized netbooks, like Jen's got, but don't have the money for it, so no replacement is forthcoming. Which means it's up to my notebook and pen and abysmal handwriting, I guess.


Jennifer said...

I could have loaned you my Dana; it needs to be charged every two days or so, but otherwise, it works fine! Let me know next time you're going somewhere!

Jenny said...

Thanks! :) I actually did okay the first night of my trip, since there was a free business center at the hotel; but after that we moved to a different hotel where they charged for computer use (which was ridiculous), so I did need the notebook along.