Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A better alarm clock

It's so nice to wake up to hope. A temp agency recruiter called me this morning while I was dreaming something vague about stealthy dogs. Fortunately I wake up fast when necessary, so I was able to talk to her fairly coherently (as I flatter myself). She was looking for a temp-to-hire person, though I might be good for the position, and wanted my Word-formatted resume. The position is 75 minutes away, which makes me wonder if it isn't a very similar position I applied to in the fall but declined when I found exactly how long the commute was and that I wouldn't be able to work at home. But circumstances are different now. And it's something I want to do and have work experience in, for a decent salary, and it's important at this point just to have a job, even with an inconvenient commute. I may not get the job, of course; but I'd be pleased if I did. Waking up today was good.

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