Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bored awake.

Eric bought the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection recently, using bookstore gift certificates he didn't know he had until we went through his pile of Christmas 2004 presents in the corner of his room and found stuff from even earlier beneath it. I know what I'm getting into with him, in the area of organization at least. The end panel of one of the comics is Calvin waking up, saying, "I bored myself awake." I've been sick, and I've been doing the exact same thing--I wanted to be asleep but kept waking up, not because of the cold symptoms but because my dreams were so boring: all about trying to move when I didn't have anything to move with, only abstract concepts. It's the most despicable thing a cold has ever done to me.

Fortunately, I'm getting better; I actually had normal dreams last night, though I don't remember what they were--I was woken up by the "Unknown ID" ring of my cell phone. I didn't answer it because my voice has been nonexistent in the mornings, but now that I've checked the voicemail and returned the call I have a phone interview for tomorrow. It's the most I've gotten since I moved here, so I'm pleased, and crossing my fingers. I'm not sure whether it's a phone interview because they're weeding out prospects for the real interview or because they have no other candidates and are desperate and just want to see if I can talk like a normal human being before hiring me. I prefer the latter but I'll take either. I should be calling temp agencies today, but instead I'm looking through the classifieds and USAJobs and waiting for my fiance to get home so he can drive me back to my apartment, where he can pick up his Windows 2000 disks and I can reread the job description. I could drive myself, but I'm still headachy and yucky and he may have given me the cold (though we're blaming Michelle), so I think I can get him to do it.

Post on being engaged to follow. Right now I think I'm going to go make some soup. Or tea. The one nice thing about colds is the lack of appetite, at least until the cold starts to lift and the stomach realizes exactly what it's been feeding on the past several days.

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JLB said...

I hope you feel better soon! Eat lots of garlic - or better yet, garlic soup! :)

And good luck on that interview!