Friday, February 09, 2007

Here fishy fishy

I had my usual aquarium dream last night, only with a twist. (Well, first I dreamed I was in some sort of service program and we were going into space for a day, and I hadn't told anyone because I figured they'd be worried about me, and I was frantically packing my things because everyone had already left and I was afraid I was going to be late for launch.) Poking around my room, behind an interesting hand-blown asymmetrical glass vase Phoebe had given me (she hasn't), I found a glass globe. "Oh, it's my fish tank," I thought. And then, with unusual clarity, "There can't be anything in there, I don't think there ever was and I haven't looked at it in months." But I moved the vase and looked, and lo, there were lots of tiny fish, different colors and sizes, zooming around, and plants and algae dotted here and there. The aquarium was apparently quite happy being self-sufficient. Normally my aquarium dreams involve me realizing that I have an aquarium I haven't checked in months, and it's dirty and neglected, but there are always a few fish left alive. I guess my fish are doing better these days.

(I haven't owned an aquarium since...2000, it must be. These dreams must mean something, right?)


JLB said...

I just thought I'd observe that you sound much happier, and seem to have more momentum than you did a year ago. Perhaps your fishtank is just happier and more self-sustaining these days all around. :)

PS - You guys saw some kickass snow! "Level 3 Snow Emergency" beats a "LWSD Snow Day" in coolness factor any day of the week! I was especially impressed by threat of arrest.

bmw said...

I have those dreams all the time!! You suddenly remember that you have an aquarium that you haven't checked on in months. The water is dirty and low, full of dead fish, but there are still a few strugglers left. Any idea what it means??