Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Flowers for Jennifer

I just got back from the florist. Wow--serious sticker shock. She quoted me $480--$125 for my bouquet (admittedly a somewhat tricky one), $65 for two bridesmaids' bouquets, $20 each for several corsages and boutonnieres and a couple for $15. When I expressed dismay she said we could maybe reduce the corsages slightly and save me around $70, and started talking about how people would love the flowers, not how I could, you know, make another choice to save money. So I wasn't inclined to stay and get her to do so--plus I had been away from work longer than I liked anyway.

I was prepared to pay somewhat more than my mental budget ($200) for the sake of convenience, because I'm not that interested in flowers really, but that's way more than I'm willing to pay, even for convenience. So I asked around at work and got a couple of other names, and I guess I'll be calling them today. With less than four weeks to go, I need to move quickly on this.

Or I'll go to the farmer's market Saturday (they're open! Hooray!) and see if any of the flower growers there can provide me with enough that I can make my own. I saw a The Knot book on flowers at the florist, and read a little tutorial on making boutonnieres. It looks like something I could do. Especially to save hundreds of dollars.


Jennifer said...

Ouch. I can't remember how much it cost for mine, but it wasn't that much.

Making your own flower arrangements does sound more cost-effective! Good luck!

koalabear100 said...

Or there's Costco. Succumb to Costco. It's the Costco way.

Jenny said...

Thanks, Jen! I did call a different florist, but they haven't gotten back to me yet (and I'm not sure the message got passed to the right person), so we'll see.

M, there's no Costco out here. It's extremely backwards in that way. There's a Sam's Club, but I'm told that's not the same.