Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the High Expectations

We're going to see the Harry Potter movie tonight. Truth to tell, I'm not so eager about it that I would go see it the first night if it weren't for Eric. I don't think there's been any movie I was so fired up about as all that. And the timing means I need to cook dinner for the both of us (something that very rarely happens) and afterwards I go straight to bed and get up for work a little sooner than I'd really like.

But no more complaining. We're going to see Harry Potter! Right? No matter that Eric has been complaining that 90% of the book will be cut out (though this is the book that I thought could most use some cutting, really). Or that I barely remember the fourth one. Why am I so curmudgeonly about this? Sheesh. It may be because we were going to go with my friend at work and her new husband (we got married the weekend before they did) and she wasn't able to make it. Bah. I was saying before that I need to get out more. A movie is a good start. Plus, I love movie popcorn.


Jennifer said...

The fifth book was my absolute least favorite. I barely remember it too. I just know I thought it stunk until about halfway through, and then it was tolerable.

I'm not a rabid HP fan, obviously. I haven't even ordered me a copy of the last book yet. ;P

Jenny said...

I enjoyed parts of it--the DA especially--but I thought it needed a lot of editing it hadn't gotten. Plus Harry was so angsty. But the movie was pretty good. We haven't ordered the last book yet either--we figured we'd just go pick one up, but then Eric heard it was a relatively small print run--"only" 12 million--and Amazon has a 49% off plus $5 off a purchase in August deal, so we're probably going with that.