Monday, July 02, 2007


So I have this trash can at work. Actually I don't, it's a box with a plastic bag lining in it. My first day here I sat down to my desk and had no trash can--I assume the last person to sit here took it with her--and the nice cleaning lady who welcomed me to the company brought this box for me. It's a fine trash can. Wider than an actual trash can, in fact, so when I drop things blindly off the edge of my desk I have a better chance of scoring points by getting them into the container.

But recently we switched cleaning companies. I don't know why. All I know is that for the last ten days, my trash has not been emptied. People around me, with proper trash receptables, their trash is emptied every day. Mine piles up, and even with the nice wide top I can't drop things blind because they will inevitably bounce off. I have e-mailed the facilities person about this twice. He wrote back, "I'll let them know," the once, and there was nothing.

Today, my boss is ordering me an actual trash can, in the hope that this will help. (I only mentioned the problem to him once, the second or third day, and only because he noticed when I stuck my head into his office to see if his trash had also been missed and I was wrong in feeling persecuted. I wasn't.) Maybe now the new cleaning staff will be able to see it. If not, I will have to start thinking up more creative solutions.

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