Friday, October 28, 2005

My performance review

TB caught me in the hall today and asked me to step into his office. (Actually he said "Do you have a minute?" and when I said yes he turned around and strode down the hall toward his office. But anyway.) There, he said that Bob and Allen were the ones who had decided not to do my performance review. "You weren't looking at much of a raise anyway," he said. "And it would have been over a period of six weeks. So Bob said to give you these instead." He handed me two laminated tickets, each reading "Dinner for Two - This certificate is good for dinner at a fine restaurant of choice - Not to exceed $50."

"You get a receipt from the restaurant," TB said, "and turn it into our admin person for reimbursal."

"Oh," I said. "And how am I supposed to do that when I'm moving three hours away?"

"Well, you don't. I think you're supposed to use them before you go."

Then he asked if I still wanted to do the performance review, and when I said no told me that I haven't come out of my shell, that when he goes into my office he gets the impression he's interrupting my work, and that I should have been looking actively for work from, you know, the people who didn't want me on their projects.

It's six days until my last day. It so happens we were planning to go to a fine restaurant of choice this Saturday, so I guess I'll get to use one. The other I'll just hang onto, I guess, or maybe mail to Leisha or Marie when I'm gone. How often do you get your raise in a lump sump like this?


Beth said...

Free dinner. Goddamn.

That place is so bogus. Very happy for you to be leaving.

Jenny said...

Thanks. I must say, I'm perversely pleased to have gotten such confirmation that I'm making the right step in getting out.