Thursday, October 06, 2005

Work, of the non-work variety.

I'm signed up for the CASW New Horizons briefing--at least, I think I am. I sent the registration in, anyway. It'll be fun. I'll use up my floating holiday for that Monday and use sick time for Tuesday, and skip Wednesday. Tomorrow, I'll also be sick, as I must be in Toledo to look at an apartment at 1 and meet with a realtor at 2. Then the opera sometime in the evening, for which I will at last wear the little black dress Mom bought me in 1999 because she thought when I went to grad school interviews they might have parties I'd have to dress up for. Saturday, I'll be either helping the rest of the household at the Toledo Zoo for National Chemistry Week (they're making bouncy balls with borax, cornstarch, and glue, I believe) (oh, and hand lotion) or looking at houses, depending on whether the realtor can stand me and whether she can get anything together that quickly. I want to go back to one we saw at an open house last week. I've been fantasizing about what I could do with it all week, even though I was unsure when I saw it (though that might have been the nervous, pestiferous agent there--do real estate companies make all the newbies staff the open houses?). Possibly it's just I Don't Want To Live In An Apartment With No Architecture Again syndrome, but maybe it really does have potential. Then Sunday I go to Jen's Pampered Chef party, at which I will be looking at rice cookers. It'll be a full weekend.

Yesterday was very productive. Work-wise, not so much, but I'm well used to that now. I registered for New Horizons and I called the apartment and I called the realtor and I called two moving places. Continental was out to lunch, but Two Men and a Truck charges $80 an hour, $99 on Fridays and Saturdays, plus a flat fee based on mileage. A 17' U-Haul van (2-3 bedrooms, they say--do they mean to also include the living room and dining room and kitchen?) costs $169, which includes 207 miles and two days in which to use it. And I called Bev and (between her son's play-screams) she told me that I should just do what I want to do and everything will be fine. Everyone should have a Bev. And I'm pleased to be getting things done. Today I respond to any job ads I can find, do the laundry, pack for the weekend (hello, garment bag--oh, and box of yarn), and make apple bread and maybe cookies. Or maybe I'll wait and see if Pampered Chef carries cooling racks first. (Whatever happened to my no-buying-anything-until-I've-moved idea?)

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