Thursday, May 25, 2006


You know what makes me really happy? That when Dad sends out family e-mails he includes Eric on them now.

Today I was supposed to call for home insurance, fax the purchase contract for the house to the mortgage company, and visit Wildwood (since I called three times and they neither picked up the phone nor replied to my message) to discuss renting space for the wedding. I called Liberty Mutual but they had me leave a message and they haven't called back, and I had intended to include their information on the fax cover for the purchase contract (I just found out the other day that I can use the apartment office's fax free of charge. Why didn't they tell me this before?) and leave directly from there for Wildwood and then to work, preferably with a slight detour to Panera Bread so that I actually have something to eat while I'm there. I guess I'll have to skip Liberty Mutual. I tried looking at their website to see if there was another number to call (the one I called was for the Dayton/Cincinnati office) but all they have is an online form. Unfortunately I do not have an online life--or at least, not an exclusively online one. So, off I go.

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