Tuesday, May 30, 2006


"Jenny, I just talked to Jennifer," said Mike (where Mike==homeowner's insurance agent, Jennifer==mortgage loan agent, and Jenny==me). "She said that your loan won't go through because the borrower cancelled it."

After a few seconds of strangled inarticulacy on my part he said, "I guess this is news to you?"

I wrote Jennifer a strident e-mail and she called me a couple of hours later to say that she'd made a mistake: that she was handling an account for someone with the same last name as me, so when Mike referenced me, she assumed he was talking about this other account, and that our account was listed under Eric's last name. This has pissed me off throughout, since we're co-borrowers but even the people I've talked to first have put it under his name. But oh well.

Today I re-faxed the purchase contract to Jennifer because the one I sent her last time didn't have both sellers' names on it. She sent me the appraisal, which came in at $4000 over what we're paying, but they still use the lowest value for PMI determination so we can't get up to that 20% like we were hoping to. Note: the appraisal listed the sellers under just one name, the husband's. Presumably this will happen with our house, too. Considering that I'm putting up all the money to get it--well, I and my parents--I think this is completely unfair.

I also talked to the lawyer about getting title work--another reason we can't afford to put the down payment up to 20% is that we don't know how much the lawyer's fee will be--and I will be going to visit Mike at his office to sign a document and give him a check for a full year's insurance. I don't remember having to do this last time I bought homeowner's insurance. In fact, I remember a very nice guy doing everything over the phone and arranging for my insurance to be withdrawn monthly from my account. Maybe I should have asked for him again.

And then, it's hot. Really hot. Yesterday it was 93 and humid, and we stayed at Brenda's because they have air conditioners (albeit window ones) there. We're considering renting a U-Haul this weekend and moving into the new house earlier than planned, since it has central air. But we're still not sure closing will actually occur this Friday, so we'll have to hold off on that. Also on calling utilities and changing addresses. Grrrr.


Jennifer said...

It's always something, isn't it? Sheesh!

It's hot here too. My browser says it's only 91, but it's at least 96 on my side porch. **wilts**

I turned my damned air conditioner on. Argh!

JLB said...

Oh, I do not envy you all those tasks - but think of how sweet it will all be when you are settled together in your new place!

By the by, I too have had my first dip into high, humid temperatures here in PA, and let's just say that I'm missing WA this week. I'm sure I'll acclimate, but for now all I can say is - bleh!!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad the heat wave is dissipating--at least it is here; I hope PA is the same way. What a way to bring in summer.