Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Good things

The new job is going to be...something. Interesting, boring, fun, dull, I'm not sure. The first week is training. My trainer is getting on my nerves with her dull jokes and strange facial expressions--I asked for an example of something and she complied, then squinched her face in a Joker-like smirk at me--but I think I'm learning how to do the job. This makes me uneasy as I'm not sure the job ought to be this easily learned. And then my schedule is going to be four nights--until midnight Tuesday and Wednesday, until nine Thursday and Friday--and they have not-very-good medical benefits. But they're benefits. And it's a job. We're working on buying a house, now that we can afford it--we called Monday to see if we could possibly get preapproval without my having worked more than, you know, eight hours, and they preapproved us over the phone. It was awesome. Behold the power of good credit.

Monday after I'd eaten my lunch I went to Meijer to buy a bottled water. I wandered around the aisles some since I had time and guess what I found? Apple Cinnamon Pop-Tarts! I haven't been in a Meijer in a long time, so I don't know when they came back, but they're here! Of course working nights I'll have time for real breakfasts in the mornings, but there's still Monday that I'll be getting up at seven. Apple Cinnamon Pop-Tarts! Things are looking up.


Jennifer said...

Now if I could only find my un-icinged cherry poptarts I would be a happy person. :)

That's good to hear, though. Maybe they'll bring mine back too!

Good luck with the job and with the house!

Jenny said...

Here's hoping. :) Thanks!