Friday, May 26, 2006

The site.

I went to Wildwood Preserve yesterday morning and, after stopping at the wrong place (the converted limo garage rather than the converted manor house), found the administrative offices and explained that I wanted to rent the pavilion and gazebo for a wedding the Sunday of next Memorial Day, and I knew I was two days early but I had some questions.

"Actually, it's open," the lady said, clicking through her computer program. "It's the month of the day you want to reserve, not the day itself. Let's check, because it fills up fast. Let's see...Memorial Day weekend...yep, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are already booked."

"Well, damn," I said.

She grinned sympathetically at me, then frowned at her computer. "Wait. That's the wrong year. Hang's open." So I booked it. And she sold me a $30 membership that saved me $80 in rental fees, so it was an even better deal than I'd thought.

So we're set: our wedding date is May 27, 2007. This somehow makes it all that much more real. Now I have to start sending e-mails to family and friends in distant places; and if we should lose our minds so much as to want personalized napkins or glasses or candies with our names and date on them, we can now commence the madness.

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