Monday, January 22, 2007

Conservation of...something.

I got something in the mail from my cousin, a picture of her and her husband and her baby, and a little memorial card. I utterly forgot to get her a card or something this weekend. I was at ConFusion, yes, but still. The memorial is tomorrow. It would have been good to get it there by then, so that she could start trying to put it behind her. But I have to do something.

And then I got an e-mail: Phoebe is pregnant! She had always spoken of it as something that might or might not happen, but she sounds really excited about it, and I'm happy for them. Also thinking of the baby stuff I can make. Like I needed more. Though keeping Eric and me out of Babies 'R' Us would probably be a wise idea now. There was this adorable little girl at the con, dressed all in pink with little fairy wings, and we both fell in love with here. It's four months and five days until the wedding. We're designating this weekend as a wedding planning weekend because we still have lots to sort out, but that's not why we're counting down.

I finished the hat for Eric. No picture yet, maybe later. First we have to go to the grocery store and get cards and Coke and fruit, and finally put our Christmas tree out (don't ask), and season the new Dutch oven that we've had for over a week and clean the house and so on. And I have to work on this baby quilt for my future niece/nephew so that I can get going on the next thing.

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