Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The pictures

My beloved handwarmers:

My beloved's hat yarn:

When I finished that one skein I told him, "I made you yarn!" and then, "Well, not really. I guess I made me yarn. Which I'll use to make you a hat. You don't really want yarn." The color isn't true...the earlier pictures were more accurate. It's lovely and soft and that skein is about 40 yards, which means about 120 total, and since it's fatter and bouncier than the sample I think that will be enough for a hat, even for Eric's enormous head. (He needs volume to store all that brain. And possibly extra spoons.)

I am creating a new blog for my crafts. I haven't decided for sure on a title yet (I'm not good with titles...couldn't come up with a great one for my latest quilt project, either, but Baby's First Castle will do), but I think I'd like to concentrate my efforts there. Oh great, even less content here. I'm not sure if posting less is a natural side effect of...something...or if it's something I should combat. We'll see.


Jennifer said...

Very nice! I like the handwarmer colors. Maybe you should just buckle down and get him a set of spoons (they have like a box of spoons at Sam's) for his b-day. :)

Jenny said...


Oooh, that's a great idea. :)