Sunday, January 28, 2007


So I've continued to work on PV at work, in between the few tasks I've been given and meetings I've attended. (And one training meeting in which I truly understood the difference between someone who wants to teach and someone who wants to fulfill training requirements.) I would be almost done, except that I have determined that the end of PV makes very little sense and I don't even want to read it, much less keep it. So I have chopped off the last twenty-five thousand words and placed them in my Cut Scenes file (which, throughout the revisions, has now grown to larger than the current manuscript--it's XXXX and PV draft 3.5 is at 89,000) and I will be rewriting the entire end. I'm all aghast at doing this, not because I think it's a bad idea but because it's a lot of rewriting and I'm used to that 'The End' on the end of this manuscript. (Though in the plan for the new version of the end there's no need for Tyler, which means I may have to excise him completely, which would break my heart.) But maybe it'll be good for me. At the least, it gives me something to fill up my time at work. My boss and his boss said that they don't expect me to be working at my job with full capacity and understanding before the six-month mark, and I've just passed three, so I will have the time to fill.

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