Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Regret and delay

My cousin's baby died. She's at the hospital now, where they're trying to induce labor. I can't imagine what it must feel like. Now I'm kind of glad I decided not to make the baby a blanket--I was going to because if he lived through delivery he wouldn't have had any baby things because my cousin cancelled the baby shower when we heard about the trisomy 18, but I put it off because she still has...had...a month to go and things were looking uncertain. Now they're certain. (In "Charlie's Angels" the bad guy says at one point, "They say that in death, all life's questions are answered," and I always say to him, "Yeah, with 'no.'" Does anyone else talk to characters in movies like that?) I wish I were closer to her so that I would feel comfortable calling to say how sorry I am. I also wish I weren't so...I don't know. Practical? Cold-hearted? Why do I care about whether I started to make a blanket? This is the second baby she's lost.

In happier news (and really, there isn't much that isn't going to be happier), we're making peach ice cream again. At the grocery store this weekend they were selling peaches and nectarines and watermelons and cherries, and we were confused but we bought them all except the watermelon. Yesterday we froze the peaches, today I macerated them, and tomorrow we'll mix the batter and freeze it. And we'll play World of Warcraft, because the expansion (Burning Crusade) came out today. I logged on early to see what it was about, then did a few other things, and when I came back there was an hour's wait to get into the game server. If you're having problems with your cable, that's why.

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