Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Brain spinnings

My morning glories are up! Or evening glories. I don't know the difference and I planted them in the same pot. The seedlings seem to be all the same type of plant, but then you'd think morning and evening glories would be pretty similar (would you?) so maybe that's not helpful. I'll find out when the flowers bloom, if they do. My peas are up, and my raspberry plant seems to have recovered from its chop. This time around the mysterious mowers didn't cut down any of my plants, just sprayed the dirt with a fine mist of grass cuttings. In the meantime there's this pile of sticks on the side of my house from when I pruned the monster plant that was eating my garage, and of course they just mow around it. The grass under the sticks is waist-high and going to seed. And it occurs to me: surely there must be a way to produce grass that doesn't need cutting. Perhaps lawnmower companies have formed a lobby to prevent plant geneticists from working on it. And then it occurs to me: I think about grass way, way too much.

It has also been suggested to me that perhaps the mysterious mowers were not Brandon and Co. Perhaps they were ghost cows. You know how ghosts go "Oooooo, oooooo" in that howling-wind sort of way? Ghost cows do the same thing, only they say "Moooooo, moooooo." The little girl who once asked to go to my wedding in order to see Eric in a dress and I discussed them recently. Perhaps the ghost cows came on Saturday and ate all my grass. There was no note and no phone call last night. I want to leave out something, like the Irish do with pans of milk, or whatever it is, for spirits, so that they come again; but what could ghost cows possibly want beyond grass?

I spent a good chunk of yesterday outlining ideas for The Book Club (the library/coffeehouse/nightclub). I offered an online friend of mine a job once it's in business but he said he'd rather just spend all his money there, which is fine by me. I'm spending a good chunk of today outlining my plan to make myself into a model employee at work. This plan is for sharing, so there are no checkpoints such as "See if supervisors have been sufficiently placated by attempts to talk more in meetings even when I have nothing to say."


Jennifer said...

There is a type of grass that only grows 3 inches high. I don't remember what it's called, but I would guess it would be rather difficult to get going because you'd have to dig up all your grass first. :)

Jenny said...

I might be willing to dig up my grass--assuming I were planning to stay long-term, that is--for the luxury of never mowing again. :)