Wednesday, May 25, 2005


While I lay in bed this morning in my pre-admitting-I-have-to-get-up drowse, I thought about Shoelace. Specifically, I thought: what if I write all the Aly scenes first? And then all the Risse scenes? I admit this might be my mind trying to wriggle out of writing the particular Risse scene I'm currently stuck at, but I also think the idea has merit. Aly's the more conventional hero and her storyline is more action-oriented, and I'd get through the story twice as fast. Of course that's also a danger, that I'd get to the end and not feel like filling in the other half, but Risse is my favorite part of the story--she's just harder. And I'd get to go through the story twice without actually calling it a revision, which might or might not be a good thing.

Of course Risse's storyline (or rather, her point of view) starts earlier, but as she's responsible for a lot of the things Aly has to react to it feels right to have her last to fill in motivations and machinations and such. Maybe I'm completely wrong. But I like this idea.

I'm still fairly discouraged about work. I'm going to follow people's suggestions (except for NQS's about quitting) and try to be better (particularly behaviorally, according to their idea of good behavior--I may have to rant about this later), and I'm staying late tonight to job-hunt. Then if I have the time and inclination I'll iron my silk scarf (this sounds weird, at least to me, but it's recommended at the website). (Assuming I don't have to shorten the scarf. It was 6' or 7' when I got it wet to block it; I didn't think silk would stretch much, but it turned out to be about 10' when I laid it on the towel. I stretched it widthwise to shorten it; we'll see how it ends up.) Tomorrow I think I'm going to the library to do some research. Friday I'm buying Pam so that I can use my sandcastle Bundt pan. Phoebe bakes for relaxation; I don't know that it'll work for me, but whimsy usually helps.

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