Thursday, May 19, 2005

To do

So this is a list (mostly for my own reference) of things I have to do. Not necessarily in the next N days, you understand, but sometime in the foreseeable future.

  • finish silk opera scarf (95% complete)
  • finish shell (97% complete)
  • blue cross strap tank
  • summer cardigan
  • dye yarn Mom sent me
  • knitting bag from yarn Mom sent me
  • finish Mariah (30% complete)
  • finish Unbiased (25% complete)
  • Helix
  • green chenille set (probably for Christmas)
  • brown Zara set (probably for Christmas)
  • tan chenille sweater
  • possible Bev Christmas present
  • possible James Christmas present
  • get rid of the rest of my yarn, whether by projects or giving it away
  • TVFW, maybe, as a going-away present for work
  • finish TST (for Christmas--it's all done but the quilting and binding)
  • make WUALF (to store or give away, I'm not sure--I need to make it only because I came up with the cutest frog block in the world for it)
  • CaH (for Christmas)
  • Ohio Dreams (for me)
  • maybe CitW (for Christmas)
  • quilt for Korean grandma? (by next spring)
  • Annual Review 2004 (I, uh, still haven't quite finished it)
  • finish PV
  • finish Shoelace
  • Petra story for Three-Day Novel weekend
  • trim closet doors and put them up
  • replace downstairs bathroom handles
  • repair bedroom paint
  • clean basement floor
  • strip bathroom wallpaper
  • paint bathroom
  • paint bathroom drawers
  • paint sewing table
  • find a new job
  • research how to get into science writing
  • contact The Agent about selling my house
  • call my family more often
  • take up some less sedentary hobby, for heaven's sake

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