Sunday, May 22, 2005

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday I went to the doctor and learned that I had a granuloma on my foot, where I had assumed I had an ingrown toenail from an incident six months ago that involved me accidentally kicking a metal gate very hard with a besandaled foot. "Granuloma" means, essentially, "benign but annoying ball of flesh," and it's fixed by cutting off the granuloma and cauterizing the base so that it doesn't grow back. I would have liked to watch this, but I couldn't because once the doctor started I got faint and nauseous. The doctor was reassured when I told him I have the same reaction when I give blood. I despise this reaction of my body. It's entirely unfair. I don't want to be a wuss, and I want to see what's going on and how they do these things and everything, but my body apparently wants to be prone and be given cold compresses and cups of water, and by pulling that blood pressure trick it always wins. Meanie.

Saturday Eric and I went to see Star Wars Episode III. This is not something I'd ever do of my own volition, mind. The things we do for the ones we love. But it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared, though I wouldn't call it good. I did pity Natalie Portman, though, for her immortal line "You're breaking my heart!" I was also of the opinion that certain scenes were not included because they were important for the story so much as they expressed certain feelings on the part of George Lucas, but there's no way of verifying that, of course.

Afterwards we went to a bookstore and were browsing the science fiction section, where three guys were talking about something (I have no idea what) to do with D&D. I was looking for Villains By Necessity when Eric came up to me and said, low, "I want to make fun of those guys for being geeks, but I can't because I know exactly what they're talking about." The guys laughed and talked to him about D&D and the movie (he tried to reassure them it wasn't that bad, but they were unconvinced) and a blond woman about my age looked at me and said, "One of those guys is my fiance." I smiled and tried to say something appropriate, but I don't remember what I said and I'm sure it didn't work since I still have no idea what would be appropriate to say. I'm still not sure whether she was amused or insulted. I'm hoping the former.

And today Eric and I discussed opening a library/coffeehouse/nightclub. It would be, essentially, paradise for geeks of most types (including the ones at the bookstore). We're not sure it could be viable, especially as the nightclub would have to pay for the library, sort of the way the sciences in an Arts and Sciences college pay for the arts. On the other hand, it would be a neat solution to always-overflowing bookcases in our personal collections. On the other hand, it might necessitate one of us getting an MBA. That would probably have to be me. Or perhaps I could get a friend of mine whose name starts with M to help us out. It was interesting to tabulate the resources we had, based on friends and family, that would be useful in such an enterprise. A lot like planning a wedding, I imagine, only with a heck of a lot more debt--but longevity, too, I suppose. At least that would be the plan.

Oh yes, and: my grass has been cut again. On Saturday, while we were at the movie and bookstore. I did not ask for this. I was going to on Monday, but I hadn't yet. I don't suppose there's any good reason for me to feel cross about getting another free cut, or about getting my grass cut when I wanted it to be cut, but Brandon and Co. are seriously annoying me now. Sunday morning someone pounded on the door. I was in bed and not prepared to face somebody in my pajamas and oily face, so I lay there and whoever it was, presumably Brandon or his dad looking for payment, went away. No note, but I bet there'll be one tomorrow. I am going to pay for this one since I would have asked for it anyway, but I am also going to make it clear that if they continue to cut my grass not on my request while I'm not home they'll only be doing it for their health.

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Jennifer said...

Um, I would be annoyed about the grass too.

I haven't seen Episode 3 yet. Eventually I will see it, but I already know I'm going to be somewhat disappointed.