Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My grievances

I'm on a project that I am not actually (net) contributing to but that has caused me to work late the last two nights, precluding words or exercise (last night anyway) or quilting or being non-grouchy. Feeling gray and mediocre for no good reason hasn't helped with that last. Essentially we have to deliver a bunch of stuff on Friday that we didn't have as of Monday, and I can't create anything to Bucky's standard. Being told what his standard was beforehand might have helped. Tuesday I stayed home and read and coded transcripts and came to the check-in meeting pleased I'd gotten them all done. At the meeting I was told I was supposed to have done that last night--instead of sleeping, I suppose--and come in Tuesday morning to do a group analysis session. This made me contrite and annoyed, which is not a good combination. Last night I worked on a table based on a table I had previously created that Bucky had praised (in his over-the-top, probably-isn't-mockery way, but still) with the clients' suggestions added; today I've found that half the columns have been changed and half now mean something different. So I told him I give up, essentially, as he was constructing the table from scratch based on his ideas and expounding at length on any point I ventured to bring up and then abruptly going back to studying the transcript when he was finished talking. ARRGH. I'm not really being fair here but too bad since it's my blog. ARRGH.

Also, I canceled the interview next Tuesday. I just didn't want to go. I think my reasons for not wanting to go are sound. If they're not, well, I'll know when I get the same feeling next time when I get an interview for my ideal job, and I'll go anyway.

Also, I need a wedding present for my aunt. Dad suggested a game, which could work if I could pick something that she doesn't already have. Some people collect books, others collect Daisy Duck paraphernalia. My aunt collects games.

Also, it's been gray and rainy all day. I don't really object to this except in that it's perfect weather to stay home, and I can't because I'm too busy not contributing things. Though I did participate in a pilot experiment this morning that was fun--Marie and I were driven to the middle of nowhere, given a faulty map, and asked to make our way back. We didn't do too badly and I'll be reimbursed for the gas, which is a darn good thing. I saw gas for $2.27 while we were lost and considered getting some except that that really wasn't a good thing to do on project time.


JLB said...

Sorry to hear about the lameness... I'll be sending you good thoughts for swift situational improvement!

also, a place for fun gifts, including games:

JLB said...

here's the games page:

Jennifer said...

And peepee teepees!! (Uncommon Goods, that is.)

Gray here too, but I love it. And gas is horrible! I got gas for $2.17/gal., but only because I spent more than $100 at Kroger last month.

koalabear100 said...

If your auntie is getting married, wouldn't she be registered somewhere? Then again, maybe the game is a good idea. I never like registry items. Someday, I will get a thank you card that reads like this:

Dear M,
Thank you so much for attending my wedding. We are enjoying your gift of 3 spoons. We are so thankful that J bought the other 3 spoons. Granted, nobody bought us any forks, so when you come visit, we will have cold cereal for every meal.

Jenny said...

Jade, thanks for the good wishes and the site recommendation. Some of those have some definite possibilities. :)

Jen, my best prospect for gas is also Kroger, but at $2.26 including the 10 cents per gallon off. Apparently it's predicted to get to $3 by the end of the year. Ugh.

M, she's having a very casual (second) marriage and between them they've already got everything they want house-wise. I doubt gifts are even required, but I'd like to bring something. I like the hypothetical thank-you card. I will absolutely go in halves with you to buy spoons.