Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The old man is getting his rest at last.

It's raiiiining, it's pouuuuuring. I thought on my way into work this morning about how many different words I know for 'raining': misting, sprinkling, drizzling, showering, storming, blustering, blatting, pouring. Whatever word you use, it's lovely. It's twenty degrees cooler (still the same slightly-too-cold temperature inside, though) and gray and the perfect day to FINISH A TRANSCRIPTION and sit in front of a movie I've seen a dozen times before and knit or even work on my scrapbook. Not that I will, or not until evening, anyway; I've got actual work (besides the transcription, I mean) that will be moderately interesting for a project that I can't talk about (which always adds interest, anyway) and that proposal to rewrite whenever I get the time, so no slacking off for me. When I've got real work to do I don't feel so much like slacking off, anyway. I read a link this morning about when to quit your job. Yeah.

I got another e-mail from the one company that wanted to know my interview availability a month ago. This e-mail was from the HR department, and wanted to know only if I was interestd in relocating. I couldn't think of anything else to add, so I sent back an e-mail just saying, basically, "Yes." We'll see if this produces anything. My current company took about ten months to decide they wanted to hire me, you know. It took them about a month for some of my coworkers. Admittedly it turns out perhaps they were right to be hesitant, but still.

I finished two Harry Potter bookscarves last night minus the fringe for one. They're cute. I won't have enough red yarn for a third, so Marie will have to go without. And I started Eric's DNA scarf, altered to have ten bonds per turn rather than eight, made of the yarn E brought back from Germany expressly for me to do this. It's black sport-weight microspun, nice and soft but too small to do this scarf properly. I'm doubling it but I'm afraid it'll be too soft and textured to show the cables well. We'll see. When I'm done I'll use any yarn left over to make a Marvin doll. In the meantime I wish I'd quit thinking about my to-do list so much. Maybe I should just throw out all the yarn and fabric I have and start over. Or not start over, and do things like weed my yard and enjoy the rain.


Jennifer said...

It's not raining here! But I think it's in the low 60s now. Lovely, lovely. (I skipped work to write today, although my excuse was that I didn't sleep at all last night, which was true.)

Jenny said...

It is lovely...though honestly a tiny bit warmer would be nice. :) Though I haven't checked the temperature today--it's been pretty sunny.