Monday, July 25, 2005

Same old new things every day.

Well, shame isn't working, and it's not really any fun at the moment, so I'm giving up on Shoelace for the time being. I'll finish the PV edits--I really do have to do those--instead. And work on the Petra outline. And figure out what quilts I'll be doing until the end of the year. I started on the templates for WUALF and the Penrose quilt last night, but I won't be finishing the latter this year. And I have one definite Christmas project. That leaves a space of about two months to do a quilt for my other aunt, but only if they actually, you know, want one; for this big a project I'm thinking I'm going to ask first. And if they only want a lap quilt rather than a bed quilt it would be much easier, and more doable in two months. I can, but I'm not sure I want to. Or I can make one for me that'll actually cover my bed. What do people who don't have any hobbies do in their spare time? Probably take care of the yard. I didn't. I'll try to this week, though, as I ought to have the grass cut again sometime soon. I love deep summer when the grass doesn't grow, though.

I finished Sunshine. My only real complaint is that her introspective description of the world goes on for too long between bits of action, and even that isn't so bad. It's a delightful book. I'm now working on The King's Cavalier, a really old book I picked up...somewhere...that was part of my unread books stack. I like old books, and this one's pretty well-written. I've been on a read-new-books phase recently. I hope it lasts.

Oh, yeah. After a season of bug-eaten leaves, I have morning glories! I glanced out my back window on the way to the car and two brilliant blue blooms stared back at me. They're beautiful. Tonight I have to look and see whether the evening glories also lived.

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JLB said...

Good for you dude - I bet just taking a break from Shoelace will help your creativity and drive.