Thursday, July 07, 2005

Whine, whine, whine.

I got a phone call from a company in Washington I applied to a couple of weeks ago, asking if I want to come out for an interview. I said yes, and the lady said the interview would consist mostly of lunch and me giving a 45-minute presentation on the topic of my choice. They'd qualify that 'of my choice' if they knew me better. "We're looking pretty quick," the lady said. "Can you come out the 14th?" I said, "It depends on the airlines," thinking, "No," and she said, "Well, let's make it the 19th, would that work better?" Apparently the company isn't going to pay for my flight. I may not go just because of this factor considering my options are a $350 flight to stay for four days (three of them work days) or a $550 flight to stay for two days. Ugh. But if I want to get back to the West Coast I'm eventually going to have to be taking these kinds of trips (it's the west-to-east flight that eats up all the time) and I probably won't have much to do that week. But still ugh.


koalabear100 said...

They should be flogged.

JLB said...

Well dude, if you do decide to take the trip, it's probable that you can deduct the expense on your taxes next year. It won't be dollar-for-dollar, but it would classify as a business expense.

If you decide to come out, you know you've got room and board here for free (as long as you can forgive me my headaches).

Might I suggest you take another look at the company online, and make sure it's really somewhere you want to work?

Either way - GOOD LUCK!