Monday, August 22, 2005

Changing plans

This is an interesting site, at least for me.

Driving home from Toledo Sunday night I kept seeing people sitting along the freeway. That is, not along the freeway itself, but along the access roads that paralleled the freeway. Groups of people on lawn chairs waving at the people going by. I haven't the faintest idea what was going on. The shuttle passed by too far south, and nobody gets so excited about the Perseids that they line up along the freeway two hours before dark.

Today I went to donate blood. One tissue plug and one dry stick later, I was out of arms and they had no blood from me. I'm supposed to give my arms a couple of days to let the holes heal and then come back. They told me to sit in the canteen a few minutes and eat something even though they hadn't taken anything out of me. That's the only place I ever eat Keebler cookies.

In better news, Eric got a new job! He is now a Catholic high school chemistry teacher. It's less funny than it sounds. (Also it has a dress code so we got him some actual nice-looking clothes Saturday. I'm sorry I'll never see him in them.) It's also a much better job for him than his current one but it does mean that he'll be in Toledo for a couple of years at least. And that he won this race that we've been having (in my mind anyway) about who would get a new job in the place of his or her choice first. Which means that I now have to get a job in Toledo. If I end up going to school next year it'll only be for a year, but I do need to do it. After that we'll move to Portland. Bev mentions it every time we talk, so she's not going to let me get away with not doing it.

Another consequence is that our Labor Day weekend plans have once again changed, since he needs to write up lesson plans. So no Chicago and, because I just don't think I'll get it together in two weeks with a wedding in the middle, no Three-Day Novel. Instead I'm going to bring my work laptop up and have a PV marathon, doing my darnedest to finish it (for God's sake) and not have to worry about it. This was not my ideal way to spend the weekend, but it's better than last year, I suppose, and I'm willing to make accommodations. (I still make more than he does. But only until I quit this job. I have a check-in meeting Wednesday that I suspect will not make me very happy. I'm happiest at work when I'm doing the work that won't get me promoted.)


Jennifer said...

I would still be able to visit you if you were in Toledo. Especially if they invite me back to the writers conference next year. :)

And my sister is in Portland, so that works too!

Jenny said...

Excellent. :) Which sister? Emily?

Also, I'm envious of your new cedar chest. :)

Jen(n) said...

I, too, am happiest at work when I'm doing the work that won't get me promoted. I am SO stealing that line. :)

Jennifer said...

Yep, Emily. She took the train out there a couple of weeks ago with a friend of hers that is *not* her boyfriend, apparently.

I got a good deal on the cedar chest, considering all the other ones I saw that day were $65 and higher! And I think it looks nice in my room, too.

Jenny said...

Steal away, Jen(n). :)

And Jen (you know, it might be time to set up the Evil Jennifer Network for real so we can have numbers, or something), I have a friend who roomed at school with a boy she insisted was not her boyfriend. They're now engaged and buying a house in California together.

Jennifer said...

Then I want to be Jen #3 1/2. :)

Yes, well, we'll see where this goes. He does seem like a nice guy, at least!

nnej said...

I call Jen #847... at least that's what it feels like some days. :)