Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What else I did at work today.

Other than proofread and probably alienate Peggy, that is. I like Peggy; but I haven't been able to be friendly with anyone at work other than Marie lately. It's not that I'm feeling unfriendly; just tired. Or unwilling, maybe. In this vein, some advice of M's today gave me a particular sting. (But not a bad one, M. It's just that no one has been as direct as you were.) I'm going to have to think about it, but I'm tending towards following some of it. My tree in the front--I forget what it's called--is shedding its leaves already. I need to pick up the sticks in the yard so that the lawn guy can mow again. Lawn care over the summer turned out not to be so expensive after all. Well, maybe if I'd invited someone over I wanted to impress with a nice yard; but as it is, no problem.

So other than that, I bid on a drop spindle set. It's to teach me to spin, the way women have been spinning since they first discovered it, up until the 14th century, I think, when they invented the spinning wheel. I've been reading a lot of knitters' blogs and spinning seems to be a natural progression thing, and I've been reading Doomsday Book about all the things Kivrin learned for her two weeks' jaunt into 1320; and while I don't think I'll be doing a lot of it, I think it's worth the ten dollars to learn it.

(I also finished Beggars in Spain on the trip to Seattle. The first part disturbed me a bit, but I liked it a lot. Enough that I think I won't read the sequels, if that makes any sense. It also spurred me to write about twelve hundred words under the heading of What to Expect When You're Expecting to Spawn the New Master Race.)

And other than buying strange stuff off eBay, I looked up the Ohio Renaissance Festival. I think I'd like to go this weekend or weekend after next--next weekend we're going to the Toledo Gem and Rockhound Club show. One good thing about dating someone in a different city is we have twice the events to choose from, but I'd be happy to give up that advantage.

It's lovely out. I should go take a walk. But I'm going to read instead, and maybe finish up the Tivoli shirt. Besides, it's dark. I'm going to try to do yardwork Friday, or tomorrow if I feel like it, but I bet I won't. I meant to cook something tonight with my rapidly yellowing broccoli, but I didn't. I've been taking homemade soup to work a lot in the past couple of weeks; it seems to work well, other than people asking why Campbell's isn't good enough for me, and there's a recipe for Cream of Green Vegetable (or something) in one of my cookbooks; maybe I'll take that out. Or not. I should stop being home all the time in the evenings, I think. I don't get anything done anyway.


Jennifer said...

I used to go to the RenFaire every year. Haven't been in a while, but I might go this year. It's been long enough!

I will say (although not many people take me up on this advice) that it's a lot more fun to go in costume. Which I could provide, more than likely. :)

How much is gas in Dayton?

Jenny said...

I think going in costume sounds fun. I have a Halloween costume, 1998...but I doubt it would be appropriate.

$3.09. That's a fifty-cent price jump from where it was. Yeouch.