Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Singing in the shower

When I woke up this morning the cicadas were awfully loud. After I had laid in bed a few moments (okay, more than a few) it occurred to me that they were too loud for me to be hearing them through the walls. Such a high-pitched, steady, grating sound. Was a window open? I don't open windows much anymore. (I might as well be in an apartment for as much as I've been outside this summer. But anyway.) I got up and followed the sound. It led to my bathroom, and then to the shower. I hit the shower door, and the sound stopped.

Huh. It started again, and I hit the door again, and it stopped. I put my glasses on and looked all around. No sign of bugs. I opened the window and closed it again. I checked the sewing room closet, which has a big gash in the wall where the previous owners accessed the plumbing for the tub, and the sound was quieter. It was definitely coming from the shower itself. I turned on the water and the noise stopped; but when I turned off the water it started again. I went back to bed to lie down (because that's what I do in the morning). After a few minutes I got back up and turned on the water and switched it to run through the showerhead. No noise. "Idiot," I said to myself. It wasn't cicadas, it was pipes.

About five minutes later the noise started again. I hope the cicadas are dead or gone by the time I get home.

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