Thursday, August 11, 2005


I dreamed last night that my parents were getting divorced. I was at their house (which was not like their real house), eating cubed watermelon out of a dark bowl, and asking them why, after either twenty-seven or fifty-seven years (I'm not sure which; the former is the real number and the latter feels more like what I actually dreamed), they were going to do this. I never did get an answer. Didn't finish the watermelon, either.

There are no job listings I want to apply for today. So I looked for businesses to buy. Did you know that the only bubble tea-serving coffeeshop in west Seattle is for sale? I could buy it and sell gelato instead of sandwiches on the side. (Except if I moved to Seattle I'd be able to take care of my gelato deficit--I've tried multiple times to get gelato out here and have been foiled every time--by the gelato place that I hope is still there on...4th and Pine? Somewhere in that vicinity.) Or Hawaii's largest used book store. Just think of that. Working with books all day, owning your own business, and living in Hawaii. Except for this bit in the description: "95% of current sales come from website sales...Although seller has never pursued this business full time, it has the potential to become Hawaii's Largest Used Bookstore and become a must visit bookstore for the 2.5 million tourists who visit Hawaii Island annually." Uh-huh. On the other hand, just think of that--owning your own business in Hawaii and working with books all day but not people.

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