Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I finished The Big Over Easy--a while ago, actually; since then I've been reading Jane Austen. I was disappointed. It was still a fun Jasper Fforde jaunt through a quirky world, but the prose seems to have regressed to that of his first book (I think he was getting better in two through four--it's never been stellar, but acceptable) and I wasn't impressed with his characterization or, really, the plot. It was fun, but not good. I'm afraid I shan't be buying the second one in hardcover or possibly at all (through I probably will, to see if he's improved).

I also spent some time last night with notecards for the Petra story. It needs an actual title. What would you call a story about a superhero's wife who gets jealous because of another superhero (who's really just trying to finish school) and ends up as the supervillain's legal defense? At least, I think that's what it's about, based on the notecards. I'm using the notecards to write down interesting things that could happen. When I run out (fairly soon; I should buy some more) I'll cut them apart (they're two ideas to a card) and try to arrange them in some logical fashion. Or throw them up in the air and try to write the story that comes down. That would be insane, but it could be interesting, too.


koalabear100 said...

That depends. Is the superhero's wife also a superhero? Or superheroine, as the terminology may be?

JLB said...

Jealousy and Jurisprudence? :)

JLB said...

PS - I LOVE the "throw the cards up in the air" approach... three cheers for chance!

Jenny said...

M--no, she isn't. (I never really liked the word 'heroine.' There's an Aimee Mann song with the line 'Let me be your heroin' and I could never decide which one she meant until I looked up the lyrics.)

Jade--probably not, but that's a fun idea. :)