Thursday, August 25, 2005

Whirlwind weekend

I'm off tomorrow, at dark o'clock, for Seattle and Aunt Karolyn's wedding. Her wedding present would fill my entire travel bag, so I think I'm taking two carryons. They'll let me do that if I put my purse in one of them. It feels funny to be packing so light when I'm flying across the country, but all I need are the dress and sandals to wear to the wedding, extra underwear and socks, my toothbrush, and the traveling clothes I'll be already wearing. My entertainment (knitting and a book) takes up more room. And of course this present. It's an enormous popcorn bowl, Carcassonne (a game that says "Especially good for 2 players" right on the box, which is a nice feature), and some popcorn and mixed nuts. Nice for a night in. I'll have to keep this in mind for any other second/third weddings I might go to. Where the bride and groom are over 50. Yeah. (Actually, now that I think about it, I always put little stuff in wedding gifts. I put chocolate chips and Pam spray in Chad and Jennifer's and cocoa in Eric and Shanna's and little condiment cups in Bev and Philip's. Only those might have been off the registry. I'm pretty sure I threw something supernumerary in there, though.)

I'm looking forward to being home again, even if briefly, and seeing everyone I didn't see in Las Vegas. (Plus one person I haven't seen in thirteen years.) And being in a place where the cicadas don't screech incessantly in the night. And the day. I'm not looking forward to trying to sleep on the plane--because considering I haven't been sleeping well in the last couple of weeks I certainly won't get to bed very early tonight--but them's the breaks.

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