Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I called my insurance company. I told the woman I spoke to that I'd never filed a claim before and she kindly explained that they would pay for the damages to my car and then try to get the truck driver's insurance to reimburse them, including my deductible. This is just fine unless the other insurance company won't pay up, in which case I'll have a $500 deductible for mostly cosmetic (I think) damages and an increased insurance rate.

I called my parents, too, yesterday. They both implied that I was being rash and stupid and they were afraid I would end up destitute and alone because I would never get a good job again and my boyfriend would dump me. I tried to explain that I wasn't leaving the job or Dayton because of him, only the moving to Toledo part, but I think they're convinced that I'm finally acting like a stupid emotion-driven girl and dropping everything to be with my crush of the moment. They tried to say they only wanted me to be happy, but Mom at least also added a bunch about "I can't do things for you anymore," and "Children don't want what their parents want for them," and Dad said a couple of times, "I can't tell you what to do." As Eric pointed out, they're only trying to protect their little girl. And I am trying to protect myself from being too much their little girl.

Finally, I called Bev, and that was a much nicer call. She sent me an article from her local newspaper about her and Gabe (about asthma), and he's such a beautiful little boy now. He's come a long way from the little alien baby he was.

Also he's going to have a cousin in May. My other cousin Jaime is pregnant. This means I have to make another baby blanket--I'd give them WUALF, but I'm feeling somehow that it wouldn't be right for them--and maybe a little baby elf hat. I'm also going to look through my fabric stash tonight to see what I can put together quickly into a blanket to donate for the Katrina refugees. (TST still isn't done. I'll have to finish it before I pack.)


JLB said...

Folks have to say things like that... personally, I think that means you're on the right track (but, given my record, maybe you shouldn't listen to me!). :)

1) You WILL get another job, likely more than one over the course of your career.

2) Your boyfriend WON'T dump you. Otherwise he'd hear from me (I'm totally joking there, don't worry... but I'm certain you will both have a long, happy life together!)

3) You definitely needed a change, no matter how resistant you might feel towards risk... so let your folks have their say, and then go where your heart leads you!!!

ahem... *steps off soapbox*

Say, do your folks read your blog?

Jen(n) said...

Yeah, what jlb said. I got where I am by being "rash and stupid" and I love it here - no regrets about my decisions. I admire your willingness to try something new. So many people get stuck in a rut and find it impossible to get out... :)

Jenny said...

Thanks, to both of you. :)