Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Do I still have to pester the lawn guy about not mowing my backyard?

(I bought two CDs from, "G. Lee and Jet Blond" and Diana Lorden. Because I needed new music and they were offering all profits to the Red Cross. The former is light and pop-rocky, the music much better than the lyrics, and I really like the latter. I'm listening to it now, while I rip out the border of TST in order to replace it with something that will, I hope, make the sashing look a little less wonky.)

They accepted the offer! My house is sold. Assuming things go okay with the inspections, anyway. I think they will. (In case they don't, how much would it cost to replace a huge cast iron pipe in one's basement that appears to be a drainage pipe?) So, again assuming things go okay, I close on November 4 (Friday) and move the 5th and cede occupancy the 7th. It's a week later than I'd originally planned, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm anticipating moving on the 5th and coming back down to clean (and pick up my car, maybe, depending on how the moving truck thing works) on the 6th. I'll be giving notice two weeks previously. Also, I learned today that we have three floating holidays starting next month, and I'm going to have to use at least one before I go. Right now I just wait for the inspectors to ask permission to enter and start making lists of what I have to do.


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Thanks. :)

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Hey, congrats on the sale! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth inspection. :)

Dude, you should totally take all three floating holidays and go have some fun! (Or, will they pay those out to you on your final check?) I'd take a three day paid holiday!