Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jennifer Homeowner frets.

I made a counteroffer on the house. The Agent recommended I take the original offer but said they would probably accept my counteroffer. Now I'm feeling kind of bad. Partly apprehensive that they won't accept it and partly guilty for asking for more, especially when the terms of the offer make it pretty clear they probably don't have anything to spare. The way it went was I asked for amount X, they offered amount X but that I pay $3000 in closing costs/mortgage points/whatever they wanted to use it for, and I countered with raising X by $1000 and moving back the closing date a week (but still a week later than I was hoping). This way they don't have to come up with the extra thousand up front, but I get it when it's all over. We'll see what happens. Mostly I'm annoyed about feeling guilty for wanting to get what I can for the house--and also for driving up its price. Is that illogical or what?

Regardless, I've still got to get rid of those weeds in the parking space and the sticks in the driveway and the last dried paint from the basement floor. And I've got to call Shawnscape every day until he gives up and sends his guys to mow my back lawn just to get me to stop calling. They did not come yesterday, obviously.

Also I talked to Idiot Green Truck Driver's insurance company yesterday. They'd sent me a letter saying "We have been trying to contact you regarding an accident you had September 3, 2005. Please contact us immediately." I called and the woman I spoke to asked what had happened. "How far out where you? Where was he parked? Which side was damaged? Which way was he turning? How far out was he?" I asked her if she wanted to talk to my insurance company and she said, "No, we have to talk to you. We haven't yet spoken with the insured but we'll do that and then make a final liability decision." I called my insurance agent and left a message describing the call, since she might like to know and at worst it'll only waste a few seconds of her time listening to the message. So not at fault. The rental car I'm driving while Jane is in the shop is reasonably nice, though. And red, which is fun. Still. So not paying for it.

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JLB said...

Don't feel bad about the counter offer - that's what the business of buying and selling is all about! :)