Thursday, September 22, 2005

Recent knitting progress

Here are my latest knitting projects, minus Christmas presents. The shirt is the Tivoli shirt, which looks very nice on me except for the mile-wide neckline; it needs fixing with, I'm told, crochet. The dark object on the upper right (actually dark green chenille) is a scarf in mistake rib (knit 2, purl 2 on an odd number of stitches). The slippers below are the finished Fuzzy Feet, which I love to death. I recommend them for everybody. The sad crippled yellow object is the Bubby bear. I got that far and then realized it was ugly and overstuffed and I hated it, so why finish? I threw it in the waste basket after the picture. And the mass of yarn on the left is some yarn I just dyed with Kool-Aid and Easter Egg dye. The white fuzz on the far left is the batting for TST, not quite denuded of its border because I'm slow and also working on other things. Posted by Picasa

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koalabear100 said...

I must join the knitters.

Poor Bubby.