Friday, September 16, 2005

elucidate question

I was trying to reconstruct a Magnetic Poetry poem I wrote (arranged?) earlier this year. I needed the words 'elucidate' and 'question' and I could not find them. They weren't on the floor or on the sides of the refrigerator or its door. (The bottom rim of the door was greasy. Where did that come from?) I've lost Magnetic Words! I thought. Then I wondered if they hadn't been single magnets, if I'd constructed them out of other words, which is, I suspect, the real reason I like playing with Magnetic Poetry. For example, I once constructed 'absolve' by layering 'about,' 'so,' 'will,' and 'love.' It was probably more effort than it was worth, but then so are jigsaw puzzles. Anyway, I knew I hadn't constructed 'elucidate' and when I looked I couldn't even find a word that began with Q so I knew I hadn't constructed 'question' either. I went away to work on Bubby's arm--there's an error in the instructions, but it's an obvious and therefore not serious one--and when I came back there was 'elucidate,' buried in the middle of the crowd of magnets that I'd already examined four times. And glancing to the left there was 'question,' off in a little clearing by itself where I had also already looked four times. I huffed. Then I finished the poem. Mom suggested that I get all my checkups before I lose medical coverage (because again, she thinks I'm never going to get another job, ever) and I had my vision checkup fairly recently, but maybe I should go again.

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