Friday, September 09, 2005

A mostly fiber- but somewhat yard- and weekend-related post.

I put the second lining in Unbiased last night. (Second time sewing, not second layer.) It's lovely and I might actually use the bag and if not I'm at least proud of myself. I also felted the Fuzzy Feet and they're a little loose around the ankles but otherwise adorable. You know what I should do? I should take pictures. Maybe Sunday if I come home and find muddy footprints all over my floor. I should hope I do; I want people to come look, right?

I've committed myself to making the teddy bear pattern from Knitty at the needlework group meeting next week. I think this means it's going to have to be bright yellow, as I refuse to buy yarn for it and I think that's all I have that will be anything near the right sort of yarn. There's nothing wrong with yellow teddy bears, right? Think Paddington. With jaundice.

My earphones are making my ears itch. Yes, I'm transcribing again. I was supposed to be proofreading a paper, but it didn't appear, and then Phoebe asked me to proof a different one, and now it looks like they'll both be coming to me very shortly at the same time, but only if Ivy is actually at work today and not home sick, so--I'm transcribing. It's easier when I'm not faced with a lifetime of it. Anyway, I have cotton-and-elastic sock yarn. I wonder if making some tiny covers would help? It would at least prevent the cover of the one from lodging itself in my ear and not coming away when the rest of the earphone does.

I chopped up and put away the weed pile in my driveway but not the stick pile. I just hope I've cleared away enough of the sticks on the side of the yard that the Lawn Guy will cut down that overgrown patch. How is it that the waist-high grass is brown while the short(er) grass just beside it is green? Oh well. Also the bush I cut all the branches from that caused that patch to be overgrown (because I didn't move the branches until now and so it couldn't be mown) has gotten twice as big. I knew I should have just cut the whole thing down. On the other hand, the branches now cover the window in my garage, and I rather like that. I also spent some time scraping at the paint in my basement--a putty knife works well, it turns out. So my list of improving the house stands as follows: (1) continue scraping the basement floor, (2) remove pile of sticks from driveway, (3) attempt to scrub off crushed pokeberries from driveway (they leak deep pink juice), (4) have the lawn mowed (today, possibly at this moment since I don't know when he's coming over), (5) cook something to get rid of the smell of green peppers in the kitchen. I don't normally cook with peppers so maybe that's why I'm sensitive to it, but it seemed very strong this morning and the dishes had all been cleaned.

This weekend I'm off to a gem show in Toledo and picking up apartment and house guides and the Sunday ads. And not going to the yarn shop down the street (because I'll be at the gem show...probably not for the full seven hours, but still, no yarn shop, because I'll be at the gem show). And firming up plans for the next several weeks. I do like plans.


JLB said...

hmmm... green pepper smell? That's a new one! Try baking banana bread, or cooking something with lots of cumin and garlic! Or burn nice jasmine incense... ahhh...

Have fun at the gem show!

koalabear100 said...

Pooh is yellow. But that's not a teddy bear. That's a koala. You could make a nice koala who strayed into a yellow paint bucket.