Wednesday, June 01, 2005


May is over. It's June! 41.7% of the year is over! (And no, I didn't get that off the top of my head.) I have stuff to get done and a vow to work on and my seasonal decoration at work to change out. Where did my time go? This is ridiculous, I tell you. Living from weekend to weekend is evidently not the ideal way to get things done.

I went to the university today to get stuff at the library. I passed through a courtyard where a brass bed sat in the middle of the (wide) walkway, a little wooden nightstand with old-fashioned alarm clock by its side. Somebody lay under the comforter with his socks sticking out the end. Shortly after I passed a class of students drawing the courtyard with charcoals, so perhaps it was performance art. Or perhaps I was in somebody's dream; it's hard to say.