Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The good, the bad, and the grass.

On the good side, 1228 last night. On the bad side, up 2 lb. Also my girth is 3" larger than the last time I remember measuring it (several months ago, if not longer). Yuck. Well, maybe a week of running around doing touristy things where food is too expensive to buy will help.

On the good side, I'm going to an Indian place for lunch today. I don't have high hopes for this town, but I've never eaten bad Indian food, either, so we'll see. On the bad side, Maggie has further annoyed me. I can't do anything about it, though, other than hope she wonders whether I've got a voodoo doll of her somewhere. This is probably the real reason my coworkers are leery of me.

I cleaned the bathroom last night except for the floors. Tonight, floors and laundry. Tomorrow "Shawnscape" will be coming by to cut my grass. $50. They offered a weekly rotation but had no problem when I wanted to just call whenever I wanted them to come by. I really should have stuck with the first kid, week-long process and all, considering the price has crept up every time.

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