Monday, June 13, 2005

Same play, another day

I slept badly last night, which I could put down to the vicious thunderstorm going on except that once I remembered that (1) the roof should still have several good years in it, (2) I've moved my computer to the first floor, and (3) I have homeowner's insurance I was able simply to enjoy it as I lay in my bed not sleeping. I dreamed that I was in a play on a moving stage, and that when I was able to go backstage (an ordinary, stationary backstage) after Act I in the knowledge I wasn't required on again until Act III, I discovered some poison pellets and observed some woman trying to sabotage the play--or one of the actors; I'm not sure which. At any rate, some sort of conspiracy. (Can you have a conspiracy of one? At any rate that's what I called it in the dream.) I went home during Act II and was afraid the woman would come after me, but she didn't. While I was preparing to go onstage for Act III the woman altered the lines of the play to accuse me of the conspiracy she had perpetrated. I started thinking about how to ad-lib my lines--I think the play was a musical, because I was thinking about melody and meter--to present my defense and wondered what would happen if the audience didn't believe me. Why can't I have dreams that don't involve intrigue, dread, and disaster? And, you know, bad singing?

Anyway, I woke up with a sharp headache that hasn't gone away. I'm contemplating going home sick because of it. I mean, I'm not really considering doing it, I'm just thinking how nice it would be. I could clean...and finish Emma for the seventh or eighth time (I like her better each time)...and string up a support for my peas, which badly need it...and drink mint cocoa and eat onion dill bread from Jungle Jim's. Eric and I went to Jungle Jim's on Saturday and bought five loaves of their onion dill bread. Last time we were there we got a loaf because of one of those taster booths and Eric fell in love with it. We figure it'll freeze well. "It's like crack," he advised Jen when we got her to eat some at dinner that night. "The first taste is always free." We had a good time over at Jen's. It's a neat house (if in need of wallpaper that wasn't made in 1950) and it was nice to visit (and to meet Mabel, who was apparently quite pleased to meet us as well). And we had a very good dinner, even if the sauce wasn't homemade. :)

No words over the weekend. I did discover that the dragons come in different colors, though. This week, I want to:
  • get Dad's Father's Day card and present
  • finish Unbiased
  • finish TST
  • buy sunglasses for Las Vegas
  • look at digital cameras for same (though I'll probably put that off until the weekend)
  • sand those silly drawers
  • call the lawn company that advertised in the local Kroger
  • open the valves for the outside faucets. Seriously. It's the middle of June.
It would be a really good idea to wash my car, since something mysterious and icky blatted all over it driving back Saturday night. (I also got to observe the phenomenon of killing a firefly and seeing its luminescence remain smeared on the windshield.) However, you know the drill. I probably won't do it. I should also call The Agent, if nothing else about the radon reading, which I've had for at least a month now without doing anything about it. In the meantime, I've got stuff to do at work, which pleases S and B and also pleases me. Oh, yeah: I also need to send out more job applications. Next verse same as the first. But at least it's a nice day and my roof is intact and my bread supply is plentiful.

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